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Bowjangles established its good name for buying precious metal and jewellery during the financial downturn in 2007 being the first high street company to advertise its buying prices which it has consistently done so since that time.

Fresh out of University Director Aaron Sheldon was aware of many cash for gold companies willing to exploit people’s hardships of the day and make scrupulous profit margins with the ever-increasing gold prices not being passed onto the public.

Bowjangles was recognised for their achievements and featured on BBC Tv to highlight the activities of the business and to make the public aware of gold price increases and being able to cash in safely during the recession.

Bowjangles Gold Buying is still one of the company’s core activities and we are one of the busiest high street operators in this industry, with many customers making hundred of miles trips to sell their unwanted jewellery to be sure they are paid UpToDate prices and accurately we are proud to be known for our Gold buying services.

Bowjangles is also one of the busiest independent jewellers in the UK this means we now buy lots of our customers Gold jewellery with an added premium higher than the actual gold value. We also offer free verbal valuations on diamond jewellery making strong offers on what we can sell and advice on what would be your best options for the jewellery you show us, you can always send pictures via our emails on

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