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Bowjangles allows its customer to put deposits on desired gold and diamond pieces of jewellery and pay weekly / monthly on the items they would like for Christmas.

The Christmas 2018 deposit plans are starting earlier this year in August 2018.

How it works!!!!

1. COME TO STORE WITH ID (VALID Passport / Driving Licence) this is needed to start your receipt , deposit scheme cannot be done without VALID ID!.

2. PICK ITEMS YOU DESIRE (although most things can be put aside with deposit certain items may not be available to put onto deposit payment scheme this is up to Managements decision).

3. AGREE PRICE AND TIME SCALE FOR PRODUCTS AND PAYMENTS.( last day of payment this year is 12.00pm 24/12/18)

4. PAY NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT and ITEM/ITEMS WILL BE PUT ASIDE FOR YOURSELF.( non-refundable deposit is part of final payment but is non- refundable if agreement is broken.)

5. Terms and Conditions apply and are explained in the initiation of the deposit payment scheme.

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